Mount Rushmore National Park


Carved from a Black Hills peak, Mount Rushmore National Memorial captures the lofty ideals and pioneering spirit on which this nation was built. The 60-foot granite faces of four presidents embody 120 years of U.S. history and stand as a symbol of democracy worldwide.

There are few truly wild places left in this country.
Custer State Park is one of them.  Nearly 1,500 magnificent bison wander the park’s 73,000 acres, which they share with pronghorn, elk, mountain goats and a band of curious burros.  And don’t forget the dozens of local favorite activities and scenic drives- don’t worry, we’ll help you pick and choose what is “just right for you”.  Click Here for a Mount Rushmore Family Vacation with affordable rates that will surprise you!

For an exciting vacation in the Black Hills . . .

Take a leisurely three-mile drive through a unique wildlife park nestled on 250 acres, featuring the world’s largest private collection of North American Black Bear. You will also encounter wolves, mountain lions, elk, buffalo, deer, bighorn and dahl sheep, Rocky Mountain goats and much more. all roaming free in their natural habitat.

In addition to the drive-through portion of your adventure; your admission includes the walk-through Wildlife Center where young and smaller animals frolic in their outdoor exhibits. This area is designed for you to get a closer look at the playful antics of young bear cubs, wolf pups, and other offspring.



Visit Devils Tower & you just might Encounter . . .

This is America’s first national monument. It is the core of an ancient volcano rising above the rolling Wyoming plains. A visual oddity surrounded by Indian legend, Steven Spielburg’s: Encounters of The 3rd Kind, and a diverse wildlife population. The rolling hills of this 1,347 acre park are covered with pine forests, deciduous woodlands, and prairie grass. Deer, prairie dogs, and other wildlife are abundant.


To complete your Black Hills experience . . .

View the evening lighting ceremony at Mt. Let our experience guide you through legendary ghost towns, help you discover hidden waterfalls and out of the way sites.  How?  You ask!  Well, Jean is “native born” and raised in South Dakota.  This was her first backyard and she would love to share its spectacular scenery and stunning secrets with you!

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