Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a huge gorge, approximately 1 mile deep, carved by the Colorado River, that winds through northwest Arizona. Its width ranges from 4–18 miles and it runs some 280 miles from Marble Canyon, near the Arizona-Utah line, to Grand Wash Cliffs in Arizona’s northern Mohave County.



Zion is very likely one of the most awe-inspiring National Parks in the world with the annual number of visitors ranging over 2.5 million.   Throughout the park iron oxide has colored the sandstone many shades of red, while more natural white hues are also visible. Water flow from rain and river has etched through the rock and created deep chasms of twisted and convoluted mass. Elevations in the Park range from 4,000 feet in the valley floors to nearly 9,000 feet at the highest points.



Words don’t convey an adequate description of the beauty of Bryce Canyon.  Rocky domes, twisted spires and temples are the dominant landscape motif in these parts; with their predominating colors in a multitude of  reds, pinks and creams.  Hoodoos, the eerie and often whimsical spires,  jut from the terrain are gallantly on display throughout the horseshoe-shaped amphitheaters.


General Trip Details

There are a multitude of things to do depending on your schedule and personal interests.  We will customize not only your lodging; but activities such as hiking, horseback riding, ATV tours or even a Colorado River rafting trip.  Many visitors come just to experience the views that seem to go on forever.  The sunsets aren’t too bad, either!  Whatever your desire make sure you visit the Grand Canyon at least once in your life.


With your rental car (not included) you will be set with your Travel The Rockies customized daily driving itinerary.  Not only will your itinerary tell you where to go, but it includes the must sees in each area, brochures and marked maps that we prepare just for you!  Enjoy your stress free Scenic Vacation.

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